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#52228 by ddumas
Mon Dec 02, 2019 6:01 pm
I am developing on SQL Server, and if I want to develop for multiple character sets, I will need plain text type attributes to be stored as nvarchar in the database. I do not see a setting for this in the tool.
#52229 by Jaymer
Mon Dec 02, 2019 6:57 pm
With the super latest builds from the last few weeks, there is a property that allows you to override the default data type.
If you don’t have these versions, then it’s easy to re-create the table in SSMS, and re-order the data feels to your liking at the same time, and aware will not care.
#52231 by Jaymer
Mon Dec 02, 2019 7:44 pm
Before you really start your project, it’s not a bad idea to right click on the table in SSMS to bring up a CREATE TABLE script, then re-order all of the fields. Aware jumbles them up in no discernible order. But later on, if you open your table up to an external reporting tool, someone Will think you’re an idiot for creating the fields in the order that you did, even though you didn’t really do it.
Always been a pet peeve of mine.
Most integers don’t need to be bigint.
1 char field doesn’t need to be varchar(1).
If you need seconds in a time stamp u have to change it.

After the initial ordering, any new fields you add will be added to the end. And you can live with that usually.
It’s just a minor inconvenience, and within an hour you can usually sort it all out.

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