Some useful improvements in build 2710

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Some useful improvements in build 2710

Post by aware_support »

Dear Aware IM Customers,

we have released a new build 2710, which among other things has a couple of improvements that can be quite handy:

1) When you put a reference attribute on a form (single or multiple) there is a new type of widget that you can use to display the attribute - Custom Checkbox List. This will display all existing records using a custom template (mobile or not) and selected record(s) will be selected (either as checboxes or radio buttons or highlighted). This is similar to a Checkbox List widget except that the Checkbox List shows selection on a standard grid, whereas the Custom Checkbox List shows selection on a custom query

2) If you have a multi-column row on a form and all attributes in a particular row are read-protected by rules, then the entire row is made invisible. In the previous build the blank row remained visible, which used to create unnecessary empty space

3) If your form has collapsible separators and the user saves the form the new build retains the current state of the separators. Previous builds used to always re-display the original (configured) state of the separators.
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Re: Some useful improvements in build 2710

Post by idpSteve »

Awesome, thanks!

Could you also look into adding the 'Only display paging bar when necessary' (available for grids) to custom displays? Would be a cool feature for us at least. I'm not sure if this has been added already or not (still on build 2708)
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