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#52100 by Jaymer
Fri Nov 15, 2019 10:11 pm
on a form, in a HTML cell, lets say I have a <SCRIPT>. and it calculates a value. Whats the best way to get that value into a field on the aware form?

I'd really like to ALSO Save the Form (automatically), now that the value is in that field.

The script gets called by a button on the form - its in a HTML cell and just calls the function that's inside the other HTML cell. Its a barcode scanner. Once a valid scan is returned, I want to stuff that value. They can cancel the scan, and manually type in the value also. Then they would SAVE the form. So I figured if the scan is good (its a warehouse location) I just stuff it and and start the SAVE (which starts BO Rules)
THIS IS RUNNING IN Native Aware on cell phone. Android APK
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#52102 by aware_support
Sun Nov 17, 2019 12:16 am
First of all you need a "parser" object for the form. You can get it if you have any HTML element that belongs to the form:

var parser = AwareApp.getFormParserFromHtmlElem (htmlElem);

Once you have the parser you can use it to get any "attribute field" on the form:

var field = parser.getField ("AttributeName");

You can set a value into the attribute field like this:
field.setValue (value);

You can get an existing value from a field like so:
var value = field.getValue ();

Finally you can save the form like so:
parser.saveForm ();
#52106 by Jaymer
Sun Nov 17, 2019 6:13 pm
Thank you, this was very helpful.
Below is the contents of a HTML cell on a Form.
This is for Aware Native app to run on Android.
A user finds an Inventory item & this form is presented to capture the location from a barcode label on the shelf.
The Cordova Plugin from Build.PhoneGap activates the native camera, and the scanned value is returned upon scan success and inserted into the Aware field.

Code: Select all<script>
function StartScan() { 
    function (result) {
      if(!result.cancelled) {
var parser = AwareApp.getFormParserFromHtmlElem (btn1);
var field = parser.getField ("tmp_ShortCode");
field.setValue (result.text);
parser.saveForm ();
  function (error) {alert("Scanning failed: " + error);
  },      {
          preferFrontCamera : true,
          showFlipCameraButton : true,
          showTorchButton : true,
          torchOn: true,
          saveHistory: false,
          prompt : "Place a barcode inside the scan area",
          resultDisplayDuration: 500,
          formats : "CODE_39",
          orientation : "portrait",
          disableAnimations : true,
          disableSuccessBeep: false

<button onclick="StartScan()">Scan Location</button>

--> JaymerTip

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