BUGS in Time DIsplay/Update

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BUGS in Time DIsplay/Update

Post by mfauzi »

Hi we have an application which use save data in timestamp fields.
Db used is oracle.

User enter datetime value and save. Time entered is 12.05 pm. System saved correctly as
In oracle the value is 19/10/2019 12:05:00 PM .

When display the form , the form display as 19 October 2019 00:05. If we save the form with the new display time, it will saved with the 00.05 time. ie AM.

This has created some confusion to the user operation. If the user click save , the the system will save the new value as 19/10/2019 12:05:00 AM .
We tried to change to few other time format but it is still the same whether 24 hr, 12 hor or AM/PM

It only affecting for time berween 12pm to 1 pm. After 1pm ie 13:00 then it shows correctly.

How do I overcome this issue.
We are using Awareim version 6.0 build 2028. It is not supported by Awareim any more.

Really appreciate for any suggestion.
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