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#51243 by gijsvb
Sat Jul 27, 2019 2:35 pm

I have a problem when a user logs in with a username using another upper/lowercase combination as saved in the database. F.i. username in database 'ridder' and user logs in using 'Ridder'. His login succeeds but the form showing his profile data is empty. I think this is because the access level for the user data is 'Creator: Full access' and the username in the database doesn't exactly match the loginname.

When he logs in using the login name 'ridder' all is well and the user data can be modified by the user.

I can set the database collation for the loginname to case-sensitive. So the user can only login with an exact matched login name. But this is not the default for an AwareIM system and has to be done at database level.

Is there another fully AwareIM compatible solution?

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