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#50427 by KnightWare
Thu Feb 21, 2019 7:34 pm
Parent (SUITES) / child (TENANT). SUITES owns TENANT.
Suites.Tenant = relationship of all Tenants owned by Suites.
Teant.Suite = relationship from Tenant back to Suite.

During an Create/EDIT of the child (TENANT) , if I turn on a value, on save I want all other children of this parent value turned off. There can be only one active. I have a few rules on the BO to do calculations on save, and then end with check if you have turned this value on. However it's turning all children values off, including the one I just saved. I've tried separating it into a process, but same results.

Tenant.Active = 'YES'

1. Find Tenant Where Tenant.Suite = ThisTenant.Suite and Tenant.ID <> ThisTenant.ID
2. Tenant.Active = 'NO'
3. Tenant.Suite.Vacant = 'NO'
4. Tenant.Suite.ActiveTenantNo = Tenant.ID
5. Tenant.Suite.ActiveTenantName = Tenant.Tenant
#50443 by Jaymer
Fri Feb 22, 2019 3:59 pm
glad that helped, but its a group thing - i'm not a genius. everyone knows something that can help someone else.

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