Build 2464 is out...with improvements!

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Build 2464 is out...with improvements!

Post by JonP »

1. LOG2 and LOG2 CONTEXT actions were broken
2. In IE buttons of a message box were not properly aligned
3. If a query had "select first record" checked and had no data, there was a problem
4. Read Sample File for export templates didn't work
5. Increment By property in the slider didn't actually move by the increment amount
6. Paste of a folder menu item only did a shallow copy
7. When calling REST service with text reply and no OAuth, the reply was not written into the object

1. READ_TEXT_FILE function
3. Ability to disallow "Add record" functionality when tabbing from last row during inline editing
using Advanced Scripts for standard query (parser.m_doNotAddNewOnTab=true)

Sweet! I'd appreciate some instruction/examples on how to use the improvements. I just checked the documentation and it still says April on the files.
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Re: Build 2464 is out...with improvements!

Post by aware_support »

The documentation in the DOCS directory should be up-to-date and include the description of new functions
Aware IM Support Team
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