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#54419 by Jhstephenson
Wed Jul 29, 2020 5:49 pm
Hopefully I can explain this well enough...

I have a Job BO that has several Yes/No type attributes and some cost and time estimate attributes.

On a query I have several of those Yes/No attributes set so they edited inline. No problem so far.

I want to ultimately be able to check one or more of the attributes and then have them popup an edit form for the record being edited with several of the other attributes (A couple of Dates and some job cost estimate attributes).

My thought was I could just create a rule that when a Yes/No attribute was changed to 'Yes' it could call a process that would display the editable attributes for that record on a form and they could fill in what they needed to and then save those attributes to the record that was checked.

When we try that though we get an error saying:
"The server may have started a process that requires interaction with the user. This is disallowed in the current context. Please check your configuration to make sure there are no rules attached to an object that start a process requiring user interaction."

My question is, am I trying to do something that cannot be done that way, or am I missing something?

My alternative for it is that I am going to create a couple of buttons that can just kick off a process that will update Yes/No attributes and show an edit form with the attributes I want to manually change.

It just seemed like it would be a slick way to do it with the first method.

#54420 by BLOMASKY
Wed Jul 29, 2020 10:23 pm
Generally a RULE can not have any user interaction (Besides the REPORT ERROR operator). However, a rule can trigger a procedure that might be able to call the edit form. Maybe... Possibly....

#54421 by Jhstephenson
Wed Jul 29, 2020 10:53 pm
Thanks Bruce,

I have it set so that when the Yes/No attribute is changed a Rule fires off a process which actually is supposed to open the Edit form. But, that is when that error pops up.

#54422 by tford
Thu Jul 30, 2020 1:50 pm
Bruce is right. Rules can't trigger user interaction like the error message says.
#54424 by PointsWell
Thu Jul 30, 2020 5:53 pm
Lateral thinking, an attribute that stores some HTML to capture the value of the checkbox attribute and launch a process which changed the no to a yes and then launches the form?

That gets round the rule / prompt issue.
#54427 by BLOMASKY
Thu Jul 30, 2020 11:12 pm
So, instead of your user "checking" the attributes, put a button next to them that runs a process to both toggle them to yes, and run your process. That way you don't need no "Stinkin Rules".


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