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#54332 by swiftinitpvtltd
Tue Jul 14, 2020 9:55 am
I have this for a BO in html report and it works perfectly fine except adding static % or $ before BO item in a loop.

<tr class="service">
<td class="tableitem"><p class="itemtext">&lt;&lt;LIST_TABLE_START('FIND mybo WHERE(bo.id=LoggedInSystemUser.id)')&gt;&gt;&lt;&lt;
<td class="tableitem">$<p class="itemtext">&lt;&lt;mybo.cost&gt;&gt;</p></td>
<td class="tableitem">$<p class="itemtext">$&lt;&lt;mybo.price&gt;&gt;&lt;&lt;LIST_TABLE_END()&gt;&gt;</p></td>

Now the issue is it shows all 10 or 20 items in nice grid but $ before cost is shown for only single item.
How do I add $ or % as static in a loop in table start and table end in html report?

like this
item1 3.94% 1050.00 $357.00 $$.34

item2 38.63 10282.00 205.64 .02

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