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#54268 by tford
Fri Jul 03, 2020 8:32 pm
Wondering if anyone has tried to execute a backup command on a server via an AwareIM menu selection prior to uploading a new version using "Upload Version".
#54269 by eagles9999
Sat Jul 04, 2020 5:47 am
When I upload a new Version......
Backup the entire server (on Upcloud, this takes about 1 second)
Upload the New Version via Browser or
Upload New Version via AUTO_DEPLOYMENT Folder (Double Check that the name of the bsv file that you put in the AD folder matches exactly the BS you want to update)

When I update Aware..............
Backup the entire server (on Upcloud, this takes about 1 second)
Create a Folder Called C:\AwareIMCurrent and copy the entire contents of C:\AwareIM into C:\AwareIMCurrent
Stop Aware
Update Aware
Run Winautomation EXE to update all folders and changes for Aware, Fontawesome, Tomcat, Landing Pages and AwareIM folder rename to app.. etc etc
Winautomation automatically restarts Aware IM Service

Winautomation takes all required files and setting from a folder called C:\AwareIMVault (all Tomcat server.xml, landing pages, css and js files, latest version of Font Awesome, SSL Certs etc etc at kept here)

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