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#53698 by BobK
Wed Apr 08, 2020 2:18 pm
Since the world has slowed down, this seemed like a good time to upgrade to the latest version of AwareIM from a being a couple of versions behind. Now my mobile app is not working correctly.

Here are the details.
I created an Android app that uses WebView to display my AwareIM content. FYI: WebView is a scaled down web browser for Android.
The Main frame of my mobile Visual Perspective has multiple tabs. Each tab displays the results of a query and also has Conditions when invisible.

Before the upgrade, on the old version of AwareIM, the correct tabs/query results would display based on what the logged in user was allowed to see.

After the upgrade, on the latest version of AwareIM (build 2721), when a user logs in with a mobile device, 1 tab displays and the other tabs that should display briefly display then disappear.

I do not believe this is an Android/WebView issue because I get the same reaction when using a desktop chrome browser with a URL like the following:

I have played with the "Mobile style tabs" setting on the Main frame and several other settings but to no avail. I hope there is some other setting that I am missing that someone can tell me about that will fix my issue.

#53701 by aware_support
Thu Apr 09, 2020 1:07 am
Is it a native app or you are using the browser?

The problem must be in the application, as noone complained before about this. If your tabs have visibility conditions check how they are executed in Tomcat output - maybe this will give you an idea of what's wrong.
#53727 by BobK
Mon Apr 13, 2020 4:31 pm
aware_support wrote:Is it a native app or you are using the browser?

Both. The users will be using a native app.
But I have the same issue using chrome on a PC.

aware_support wrote:The problem must be in the application

This is probably true, but I can not find the cause of the problem to fix it. See below for more information.

aware_support wrote:If your tabs have visibility conditions check how they are executed in Tomcat output

Tomcat shows the visibility conditions being evaluated correctly. Although, when the condition evaluates to show the tab, it appears that the condition is evaluated twice.

More information.
The problem may not be with the tabs, but with the queries executed within the tabs.
For each query, the Widget type is set to "Custom"
When the Data Template is set to "Use custom mobile template", I have my issue and only 1 tab displays.
When the Data Template is set to "Use custom data template", all the tabs correctly display. But I have a new issue. I have several operations defined in "Operations with Records" and none of these operations are able to be executed. If I set 1 operation to "Default", at least that operation can get executed when the record is tapped.

Anybody have any other suggestions?
#53739 by BobK
Thu Apr 16, 2020 8:11 pm
ACDC wrote:
Anybody have any other suggestions?

Try deleting the queries and recreating them

Not only did I recreate the queries, I created a new Test BSV and created the VP and queries.
Result: Still have the same problem, only 1 tab displays.

I also tried the following.
Starting with the CRM sample BSV, I added a second tab to the Main frame on the "Mobile" Visual Perspective.
The Content for this second tab is the Query: "Customer-all Mobile", just like the original tab.
Result: Still the same problem, only the first tab displays.

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