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#53316 by hpl123
Thu Feb 27, 2020 2:16 pm
Hi support,
This is a feature request (and posting it here as it´s not a biggie) regarding how the "changed by another user" error works. Currently, and correct me if I´m wrong, this error executes anytime a particular BO instance have been changed "somewhere else" e.g another user, system etc. if I have a form of the same object instance open and/but the attribute that has been updated is ANY attribute i.e it doesn´t matter if I use it or not on the displayed form which doesn´t make sense. If I don´t actually use it on the form, I would rather have it NOT execute this error. I often have various "system" attributes I use for different things and these attributes are never displayed on forms for users and I often run into this error due to system things I do with these system attributes.
#53318 by hpl123
Thu Feb 27, 2020 5:35 pm
Thought about this some more. Data integrity is lost if changes are made to various attributes under a BO so having this rule work as it does makes sense after-all. I still think having options related to this like not showing it if none of the attributes displayed in the form are changed or having a flag to turn these warnings off for some attributes or BO´s would be useful.

Another related thing is, when we get this message, how about having a refresh button directly on the error modal so we can refresh it right away?

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