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#53303 by mohd.documents
Wed Feb 26, 2020 8:27 am
Exporting a work space is perfect and works without any mistakes. However, All the testing data in the newly imported project are missing. The only available workaround is to export your BOs one by one and then export them one by one too.

I would recommend a new feature of exporting all testing data in one file, binary is fine, then import them all in one command as well. Another workaround is to write your own process of exporting one BO by one to CSV files and store them in the disk and then import them one by one using another long process too.

If we have a method of enumerating the BOs like this:
Code: Select allForeach BO in WS.BOs:
          export BO to "c:\data\"+BO.name+".csv"

this would make the creating of the export process faster and agnostic to the BO names.

We also need loop to import the files to the BOs again. like so:

Code: Select allForeach File in 'C:\data\':
         import File to BO(File.name)

Code: Select allForeach File in 'C:\data\':
         import File to BO( replace(File.fullname,'.csv',''))

Appreciate your recommendation here,
#53307 by BLOMASKY
Wed Feb 26, 2020 7:30 pm
this is one of the many reasons I suggest always using external production and testing DB. (not stored in the aware and awareTest db).

If you do this,
1. Export your app
2. Create a new app with NEW external DB names
3. Import your workspace and go to testing mode which will create empty tables but will keep aware happy
4. Depending on your DB, export and import (or copy) the old dbs to the new ones

and, all is good.


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