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#52600 by Jaymer
Sat Jan 04, 2020 6:16 am
I use the Config Tool for at least 40 hours every week.
For 2 years, its almost exclusively been the EXE version (on a PC or the server).
Recently I started using the client on a Mac - latest, up to date OS, etc.

Over the past 2 weeks I've recorded some issues/differences that I see now using the Mac version.
When I can, I RDP to a server and use the Config tool natively. Its SLOWER than running natively on the Mac, but its a better environment, IMHO.

Some, who have not had the opportunity to compare the two environments may not even be aware of these differences.
Its my hope that the Mac tool can be updated to operate the same, as most of these things I've noted are deficiencies, and hinder the overall Aware experience... though, as I said you may not be aware that the PC version works "better" in a certain aspect because you haven't had the time invested in both tools.

here it goes (pasting from my notes). Please contribute your ideas. If Support doesn't think there are many users on the Mac version, then why should he invest time into fixing these issues?

Aware Mac Differences - Jan 2020

On a list of items, like in a menu when you select Start Process/Run Query, and you see the list of Queries. You cannot press <Space Bar> to select a line. (And many other similar places where there’s a list of items. You MUST click the little check box. Personally, on the PC, I click anywhere on the line then press space bar (its quicker).

In the Main or SubElement Properties Windows, after returning from setting options (like Operations with Rows, or Panel Operations) you used to be able to
1) See which one you just came back from/the cursor was still on it so it was “blacker”
2) be able to press space bar to go back in quickly. (This was very handy because 1) the blacker button helps draw my attention to where I was, and 2) Just as I clicked OK to close a dialog box, I realize I forgot something and have to go back in. <Space Bar> let me do that easily. Now, I have to look over and find “Operations with Rows” and click on it again

On the PC, when adding new Fields to a BO. You click the + symbol at the top. After you have added a field, you can press <Space Bar> to add another. On Mac, you have to use the mouse to click the button again.

The Rules Editor keep switching to Standard View. It will not stay “stuck” on Textual View

Pulldown Menus get skipped when Tabbing. Easiest example is to add a field to a table. Tab jumps from Name to Max Length, clearly over the pulldown. This happens all throughout the app requiring you to grab the mouse to pulldown. This adds time constantly on the mouse/off the mouse/on the mouse.

After using Customize Font to increase text size, I notice that most of the fields did not increase their Line Height to accommodate the larger size. The CONTENTS are generally fine, but many boxes (list Attribute Name column on a BO) are not tall enough to show the Descenders on the typeface. ps_Invoices looks like os_Invoices as a rough example.

If you’re using groups, then a “Propagate Attribute” dialog box comes up when you add/edit a field. Those who use this know it CAN ask you a lot of Qs. On PC, you can use arrows keys to up/down to a “No” option and press enter (arrow to No, enter, arrow to No, enter, arrow to No, enter). On Mac, no controls are selected and you must ALWAYS use the mouse.

I could take pics of these if Support is even interested but no sense if nobody else even cares.

Some other things I've noted
1) Lets say you have a large BO (50+ fields). If you create a new Form, my experience is that you almost NEVER want all the 'default' fields on that form - usually only a few. So I was going to suggest that AFTER THE INITIAL MAIN FORM, all subsequent NEW Forms would be empty. (After all, I normally immediately select ALL controls and delete all). Via RDP on the Server, this sequence of operations takes times... maybe 10-20 seconds to Create that long (useless) form, then save it, then expand the Form to see the section, then click on the section (causing a load of a long (useless) form, then double-click to load it, then I can finally delete. Then the save is fast. OK, maybe 30 seconds.
But, when you're not on the server, this is faster. Even though I'm on a decent sized Windows 2012 server, plenty of RAM, not heavy CPU, its seems my Mac does can handle this faster than the server. So, at one point I was going to turn this in as a feature request, then realized it was faster NOT on the server (don't know if it was the Mac or if a PC would be faster too) and since I hadn't planned to be on the server much longer, I backed off the request. So, even though I think creating Additional forms should still be created empty, it kinda solved itself.

2) Lets say you have 10 tabs open (BOs, processes, queries, etc.). Instead of closing them 1 by 1, you can save a little time doing a CLOSE ALL from the File menu.
But this is almost Instant on the Mac, but closing (already-saved) tabs takes time on a server. Weird.

3) And the big annoying thing about a Mac client is the 1 second delay that it takes to redraw Properties. Like, you click on a field in the BO list and you can't just go directly to the Length field, for example, you have to wait for something... some internal java/eclipse redraw issue make you have to wait about a second before you can see the current data displayed in all the properties.
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#52602 by BLOMASKY
Sun Jan 05, 2020 12:53 am
I care. I, like you Jaymer, use the Mac to develop. My servers are on Windows servers and even with the fact that the Mac is treated like a second class citizen, it is still better than RDP for me.

My 2 biggest issues are what you said, the 2 seconds delay and the fact that rules do NOT stay in text mode.

#52691 by aware_support
Thu Jan 09, 2020 6:23 am
We care, BUT, 90% of these issues are caused by Eclipse and fixing them is extremely difficult (or maybe impossible). It is strange, though, that rules do not remember the last editor. We'll investigate this
#52771 by Jaymer
Fri Jan 17, 2020 8:47 am
for fixing the annoying "delay" on the Mac Properties windows - works great!

oh, and just realized this (maybe fixed on PC client too):
Tabbing into a numeric cell SELECTS the text (like its supposed to) instead of just putting the insertion point at the beginning.
Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 2.11.55 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 2.11.55 PM.png (27.72 KiB) Viewed 3565 times
#52784 by Jaymer
Sat Jan 18, 2020 4:21 am
in 2713
try changing your font to Tahoma 15pt
Maybe the size/height of the typeface made the property fields line up correctly and it doesn't have that "stutter" - dunno - I just know its Gone for me!

the size is nice, but some of the fields do not scale correctly. The Combo boxes need to be bigger:
Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 12.45.14 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 12.45.14 AM.png (58.83 KiB) Viewed 3542 times

And some of the Properties just didn't get the same setting as other properties. they stayed "small":
Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 12.50.11 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 12.50.11 AM.png (41.69 KiB) Viewed 3542 times
#52785 by himanshu
Sat Jan 18, 2020 9:36 am
Recently, I also started using AIM on the Mac environment and whatever Jaymer said above is true.

I found there is a lot better performance on Mac in respect of when you put your app on a test or published compare to PC, Definitely OS architecture anyhow it saves time and you able to do things much quicker.

Delay issue still persists when we try to set any property value and many places focus or tab does work properly. I will try to list a few of my experiences or issues faced during the drive further.
#52796 by BLOMASKY
Sun Jan 19, 2020 8:20 pm
Jaymer upgrades to 2014 AND Changed the font to Tahoma 15pt (for either people with 38" monitors or those with seeing eye dogs, but thats another matter)

Before changing the font, if you clicked on an attribute in a BO in the center panel, The properties would instantly be displayed, then 1.5 seconds later, it would be redrawn

After changing to the SENIOR size fonts, when you clicked on an attribute, NOTHING is refreshed on the right for about 1.5 seconds, then it is drawn once and does not resize.

So, nothing fixed!

#52828 by Jaymer
Wed Jan 22, 2020 2:50 am
Hey brucey

i just DL the new version.
sure enough, by default, I had that "delay" in the properties.
Then I changed font to Tahoma 15 and its back to NO DELAY

Jay - living the good life - mer

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