Aware IM International Conference Bali, February 21-24 2016

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 About the Conference

The second International Aware IM Developers Conference was held in Bali, Indonesia from February 21 to February 24 2016.

Just like last year’s conference in Las Vegas the event attracted Aware IM developers from all over the world and was a great success.

The three days of the conference saw presentations from Aware IM developers that covered various features of Aware IM such as deploying Aware IM in the Cloud and using is as SaaS platform, setting up SSL, making the best use of the Aware IM responsive features, CSS and HTML, integration of Aware IM with Twillio and Bootstrap. Chief Architect of Awaresoft Vladimir Simkin has also presented the newly released version 7.0, as well as described the roadmap of the product for the upcoming releases.

New Aware IM developers enjoyed the “Zero to Hero” classes presented by Mark Bailey where they have been introduced to the Aware IM development methodology.

Proceeds of the Conference

For those who were unable to attend the recent Aware IM Developers International Conference in Bali, the complete contents of the Conference is now available for purchase. The Conference Package is chock full of valuable Aware IM related information that you can use as a reference tool, a learning resource and use in your own applications.

The contents of the Package  can be seen below. Please note that every session was Recorded and includes essentially 3 days of video. (Note: Load balancing presentation included  but was not presented as we ran out of time).

All sessions that involved direct use of Aware IM mainly focuses on Version 7. However, a number of the sessions provide extremely valuable information regardless of the version you are using.

conference package

Package Contents:

For those wishing to purchase the Package, please send an email to [email protected] requesting to receive a Paypal Invoice for the correct Product Code (see Pricing table below).
Once you receive and pay the Invoice, a download link will be forwarded to you.

Also, last years Conference Package is also still available for purchase and Bundle pricing is as follows.

Non attendance at either 2015 or 2016 Conference – No Prior Purchase
 – 2016 Conference Package Only $400 USD
NC15O – 2015 Conference Package Only $300 USD
NC1516 – 2015 & 2016 Conference Package Bundle $600 USD

Non attendance at either 2015 or 2016 Conference but Purchased 2015 Package
 – 2016 Conference Package Only $350 USD

Attended 2015 But NOT 2016 Conference
– 2016 Conference Package Only $300 USD
2015 Conference Package Provided Free

Attended 2016 But NOT 2015 Conference
AC16 – 2015 Conference Package Only $200 USD
2016 Conference Package Provided Free

Please note that the Zero to Hero Beginners Workshop Package availability and Pricing will be provided in due course… Hopefully, within the next week.

Note: Most of the audio in the recordings is fine. However, occasionally it is difficult to hear what is said when someone from the audience asks a question but the Presenter’s answer
can be heard and most often the question is obvious. Unfortunately, the last 20 odd minutes of Codrin Mitin’s Presentation was lost (suspect dead mic battery) however all of the video is fine.

All invoice requests will be handled as quickly as possible but depending on time zones, requests will be responded to in less than 24 hours.

Additionally, please note that are the organizers of the Conference Event and are in no way associated with Awaresoft. Awaresoft bears no responsibility for the Conference Event, its organisation, execution, cost or content.

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