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#54219 by tomdzio
Mon Jun 29, 2020 7:23 am

I'm a new here, just get to know about AwareIM on Magic users forum. It was presented as good alternative for Magic XPA and I can see some ex(?)-Magic users here on thins forum. I develop with Magic for many years and I'm quite satisfied, however I'm always open for a new things. I knew about closed low coding platforms like Mendix or OutSystems but that's something quite different. I understand that AwareIM is more database programing tool like Magic. Could you please give me an overview in which points you can see the advantage of using AwareIM over Magic? Eventually, is Magic maybe better in some points?

#54226 by eagles9999
Tue Jun 30, 2020 1:00 am
Hi Tomasz,


There are many many ex Magic developers here using Aware..( I used Magic for 27 years before switching to Aware in 2012)

The main motivator for moving to Aware is the need to develop for the Web. As you know, Magic has tried so many times to provide a Web dev solution and
all are problematic. HTML Merge, Browser Client, RIA and the list goes on....

Only the years we have managed to get a few more "Magic Like" things into the Aware Product and although the paradigm is similar there are some exciting differences.

Aware IM is what Magic should have been for the Web.

For Desktop Apps... Magic nails it.... But for Web... Forget it. It is just way to cumbersome, to much hard work and way to expensive.

Speaking only from personal experience.... I could NEVER have achieved in Magic what I have been able to achive in Aware. Also.... not many people want Desktop
Apps anymore...... Everything is Web.

If you would like to discuss further or want an online demo session then feel free to contact me.... [email protected] or [email protected]
#54235 by BLOMASKY
Wed Jul 01, 2020 1:04 am
Very simply, Aware is what Magic for Web (what Magic 10) should have been.

There are so many similarities:

No source files, entire development system and logic stored in database.
Non-procedural rules based engine that "runs" your logic
very few operators, the engine does most of the work
Very Very fast development, and more important maintenance. Change orders, no problem!

However, the differences are very important:
A Business Object (BO), like a file dictionaly, defines a table structure, and formatting, but goes MUCH further, with rules, related tables, lookups, forms for data entry / views

Processes are like Magic Batch programs, but with much more functionality. Processes group rules and conditional logic / branching in an easy to understand syntax.

Queries are like line mode programs but have advanced filtering, built in master / child logic, easy ability to add program / record logic, sophisticated filtering, etc.

Visual perspectives are like nothing in magic. A way to easily build a web page that consists of queries, forms, html, all interacting with each other.

I will disagree with Mark. My customers still want desktop applications, browser based desktop applications, accessible via a browser and are very happy with my "desktop" solution written in Aware

#54236 by BLOMASKY
Wed Jul 01, 2020 1:24 am
Do you development using a Windows, Mac or Linux computer...

Do your development client server without using remote desktop (or use Remote desktop if you like.) For instance, I have a windows server in NY running the Aware application server. I am isolating in sunny (hot) Florida, and have the Mac client which connects to the windows server and with minimal bandwidth I can be an efficient developer.

Built in versioning. Easy to compare / copy / move code beween versions.

Can consume or provide REST services

MYSql, Derby, MSSQL, Oracle (yea, there is a charge for MSSQL or Oracle), Postgress, No problem

Can connect to external databases that might or might not be the same as your development / production DB.

Easy to move application between machines, (Exports 1 XML file, copy it to new server, and Import the 1 file)

Integrated Role based security system (very similar to Magic, but with much more grainularity. Users with different access levels can be automatically directed to very different "home" pages with very different functionality.

Integrated Jasper Report writer with the ability to call the fuller functionality Jasper Server

Built in Locale and internationalization

Developer very responsive to bugs / requests. It is not uncommon to get a bug fixed in DAYS.

Very attractive developers (Thinking mostly of Mark B. The rest of us. BLAH!)

Most important to me, built in support for Testing / Production system, where once my testing logic passes the "smell" test, it take only 10 seconds to publish it and have my users using the shiny new version.

(not sure if my comments are deterioring because of the tequila...)

Automatic rebuild of databases when schema changes. No need to ever write an SQL alter statement

Built in scheduler to trigger processes on a date / time.

Thats enough for now...

#54238 by tford
Wed Jul 01, 2020 2:11 am
Great summaries, Mark & Bruce. I never was a Magic user, but you've certainly made a compelling case for those who are.

And for anyone new to Aware & wondering who Mark & Bruce are .. all I can say is when Mark & Bruce post, I listen!
#54242 by ACDC
Wed Jul 01, 2020 10:01 am
Great summaries, Mark & Bruce.

I agree.. , always good to read a comparison like this especially coming from real highly experienced ex-users of the M..system, makes me confident that my 12 years experience gained as an AIM developer is not wasted.

The one thing that does come to mind though, after such a review surely there should be many more developers migrating to AIM. Also, more importantly, could AIM become an acquisition target of this company, they are public and are known to acquire. - Please, don't let that happen :!: :!:
#54243 by eagles9999
Wed Jul 01, 2020 10:15 am
Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.
It was a typical case of Love the product and really dislike the Company.
Did not listen to Developers
Their focus was on big corporate houses.

Some really nice people working there but mostly the Company was very arrogant.

There is no comparison in terms of support between Aware IM and MSE.
The Support Vlad and team give us is extraordinary.
There have been times when you can report a bug at 10:00am and a new build gets released
at 2:00pm with it fixed. Nobody looks after developers better than that.

Indeed.....by and large, you, the developer have had a huge say in the direction of the product.

Can’t wait for 8.5!

Just my opinion.
#54244 by tford
Wed Jul 01, 2020 10:19 am
You nailed it with Vlad and support, Mark!

I've never experienced another product that listens to customers desires, communicates a roadmap, then delivers like Vlad!
#54245 by ACDC
Wed Jul 01, 2020 10:27 am
I've never experienced another product that listens to customers desires, communicates a roadmap, then delivers like Vlad!

Absolutely .. having the option of direct contact with the Architect and Main developer of the system is a luxury, especially when it comes to specialised functionality and features that arise from time to time.

I wonder when the 8.5 is due for release
#54254 by swiftinitpvtltd
Thu Jul 02, 2020 3:58 am
Before choosing Aware IM I did deep analysis of Mendix or OutSystems and other platforms like alpha anywhere(I used all of these for few months with extended trial) etc and all of these have extreme complexity or cost or tons of existing bugs and licensing limitations. 1.5 years back I had a demo session with Mark B and that helped me decide and it was a good decision. Mendix/outsystems creates a c# code that if you want to edit you need to be a master of dotnet architecture. Although I am from dotnet/microsoft background it was still very difficult so I can imagine what would happen with non programmers and for those Aware IM is way easier than other platforms and the documentation is way better than others(I am just comparing here). Aware IM platform build deployments are simple and very stable. I either use plain dotnet mvc/azure architecture if client does not want anything rapid and if client does not have any hard preference then its Aware IM and it can do what azure/dotnet could with very less code.

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