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#54173 by PointsWell
Tue Jun 23, 2020 9:18 am
I have started playing around with google maps and polygons and I will be honest I am not enjoying myself.

This is the code that gets added when you use the interface and it is insufficient to generate the map properly
Code: Select all<div id="aw-static-gm45777_0" data-ref="@@gm_props zoom_expr=&quot;13&quot; polygon_attr_name=&quot;scKML&quot; polygon_query_name=&quot;KO_Extent_MapPolygons&quot; show_markers=&quot;false&quot;~~">

Here is the code that I have hacked from the Sales Portal (adding my own query etc). This will work
Code: Select all<div style="width:100%;height:500px" id="aw-static-gm75007_0" data-ref="@@gm_props zoom_expr=&quot;2&quot; center_condition=&quot;50,0&quot; polygon_attr_name=&quot;scKML&quot; polygon_query_name=&quot;KO_Extent_MapPolygons&quot; polygon_opacity=&quot;0.5&quot; polygon_stroke_weight=&quot;1&quot; show_markers=&quot;false&quot;~~">

I am a bit old school here in thinking that if I go through the interface that it should ask me to complete the minimum amount of detail required to successfully get a map to show. In the absence of that clear documentation that defines what is needed to generate the output is essential. Neither exist here.

I've had a week now of having to hack things to get what should be simple stuff to work.

This is before I have even started the process of trying to get the Maps API key fixed. Another file that has to be hand hacked and replaced with every update. I won't lie, I am not happy with the (incomplete) state of AIM functionality and documentation at the moment.
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#54179 by PointsWell
Wed Jun 24, 2020 12:09 am
DELETED cos I am wrong on this point
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#54180 by PointsWell
Wed Jun 24, 2020 12:17 am
According to this post in 2017 size matters.

Why is the size not a parameter of the UI, especially given that once you press the Add Element button you get a great big warning not to fiddle with the HTML (despite the UI not adding sufficient parameters to make a map show), yet the video suggests, if you know html just add the size information.

Despite size being important there is no guidance as to what aspect of the size is important. You can have 100% width but not 100% height. Nothing in the documentation on this.
#54181 by PointsWell
Wed Jun 24, 2020 12:29 am
The parameters to UI flow of traffic is one way.

Why is this a problem?
Because the UI doesn't pass enough parameters to make things work first time, you will spend time going back and forwards trying to get this right. The parameters are non UI editable once they have been passed to the text box, so you have to note carefully what you have settings you have applied and then reproduce them.

How to fix?
Each map reference added to the text box contains an individual reference. A BO could hold these parameters and replace them on an update. This would remove the editing from the GWTB (Giant White Text Box) and allow for the average developer to not go blind staring at the HTML and be able to modify these at a later date when they realise that it is only 80% of what they were intending.

This likewise applies to the Add Button, Add Field and presumably Add Calendar functionality.

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