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#54145 by hpl123
Fri Jun 19, 2020 10:42 am
Hi support,
This is an error I think you are aware of (not sure if and how many times it has been logged before) and I thought I had solved it via a hack but seems my hack doesn´t work on all devices and this is such an BIG error/bug that I am posting another bug report on this and really hoping you can take a stab at a real solution for this for the next version because this bug IMO renders mobile virtually useless for any professional/real use.

The problem is that on forms (with multiple attributes or attributes that span over more realestate vertically than the screen can view i.e it has to be scrolled) when the virtual keyboard pop up on mobile devices, it "shifts" the entire layout upward and when the keyboard is collapsed again, it doesn´t shift it back. I am no HTML/CSS genius but I THINK this is an HTML/CSS issue as I have been able to solve it for Android devices via manipulation of CSS overflow properties (but again for IOS it creates other issues so the solution is not working). Below are more information + a sample BSV for reproducing this if you need that:

- Information about this + the hack I did: https://www.awareim.com/forum/viewtopic ... 143#p54143

- Reproduce:
1. Rename sample.zip to sample.bsv and install sample BSV
2. Open up on mobile device
3. Scroll down to the last field and place marker inside field to edit it
4. Collapse keyboard and scroll up again
5. See layout having shift and doesn´t shift back

Sample BSV:
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