Contains tips for configurators working with Aware IM
#53418 by hpl123
Fri Mar 06, 2020 9:01 pm
Hi all,
This is a tip on how to set the column header name text/icon tooltip. I often set the width of columns and many times they are narrower than the column header title which means I get something like "Exp..." instead of "Experiments" etc. etc. and this hack solved that.

As the label for column in query set the following:
Text: <span title='Experiments'>Experiments</span>
Icon: <i title='Experiments' class='fa fa-flask'></i>

NB: It HAVE TO be ' and not ", I tried it with " first and didn´t work so posted a FR about this and then for the fun of it tested ' which did work :D. Having this directly in Aware (FR) is still ideal of course.
#53449 by hpl123
Tue Mar 10, 2020 12:19 am
BLOMASKY wrote:I am very confused. Where does one set the column icon in a query?

Come to think of it... Where is the "text" column?


Well, the "normal" way you set an icon for a column in a query is a bit unintuitive. In the config tool, you go to the attribute (i.e under the BO so not in the query) which column you want an icon displayed for in your queries and set the "Icon" option for the attribute. After that, you open up the query and in display settings for the query (i.e where you select which columns you want displayed, how many entries it should retrieve etc. etc.) you set the "Column name" option to "Icon only" or "Icon and label". This is the "normal" way and/but doesn´t have a tooltip and the tip I shared is done in another way where you instead of adding an icon like described above, you open up the query and in display settings for the query type in the HTML "snippet" above in the "Column label" option/field. The HTML I shared above is for either icon or text with tooltip and the HTML "snippet" is added in the same place i.e the "Column label" option/field.

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