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#52756 by Jaymer
Wed Jan 15, 2020 8:58 pm
When you run the pink desktop icon for AwareIM Control Panel, it does 2 things...
starts Aware server
starts Tomcat server

so I've identified a possible bug in starting Tomcat in this "wrapper" when Tomcat's server.xml has a <CONNECTOR> tag with an explicit "address=xx.xx.xx.xx" entry.
[NOTE: I think the issue is the control panel wrapper and how it determines to activate the "green button". You can see the button turn green BEFORE the Tomcat output finishes... (Tomcat boot is still loading more items during startup), yet the button is already green. Perhaps the script just pinging a local address (like and if it gets a result, it thinks all is good and activates the GREEN. But when a specific address is specified it doesn't get the reply and never goes green, even though everything is OK]

I CAN start tomcat with "catalina.bat start" and it will startup just fine. Initially on 8080, then I changed to 80 and all is good.
But no Aware server is running to process the login.

If I run Aware CP now, the server starts and the Tomcat fails (expected bind error). I get NO green button - so can't launch the ConfigTool THIS WAY - but I can manually start it.
And I still have access to the Logger, etc. Control panel is up! Tomcat is on 80! GOOD TIMES!

So, at first I thought it would be nice to launch the Aware server only (the title of this post), but as I worked thru this post, I wouldn't have access to the Logger.
So, i need to get Support back on the original issue and all will be good.
#52768 by Jaymer
Fri Jan 17, 2020 2:01 am
OK, the answer to this is not exactly what the question asks. See I DO want to start tomcat and THEN start aware.
But aware was crapping out and aborting the control panel start.

So here’s the way to do it - start tomcat first.
An easy search on the Internet will tell you that that you can start tomcat by doing a “Catalina.bat start” command.
This will start the tomcat server in basically the same way that aware launches it when the control panel tool starts.
Then, if you start the control panel, the second step (starting tomcat) will get a bind error, but will display “process finished” in the window status at the top.

The good news is that the whole sequence will not abort like it was earlier doing, and now you can still use logger and the output windows, but not the tomcat output window because that is now going to that command prompt window where you started tomcat.

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