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#52601 by BLOMASKY
Sun Jan 05, 2020 12:48 am
Here is what I learned today.

I have a query using the OrderLines Table (which is owned by Orders) with a column with a presentation rule. My presentation rule WAS:

OrderLines.ob_Orders.deadline IS DEFINED

and the query ran SLOW. With 8 seconds between pages. Vlad told me that this is more costly than using a shortcut.
I changed it to

OrderLines.sc_Deadline IS DEFINED and it went to 2 seconds between paging!

Silly me, I assumed that they were identical. (Of course, now I have to go through my application and find where I thought I was smarter than Aware!

#52630 by BLOMASKY
Tue Jan 07, 2020 5:18 pm
Me also. I never knew that it would make that big of a difference. Although, thinking about it, it does sort of make sense. If there is a shortcut, then when the master record is read, the child table(s) are read. However, if I have a presentation rule that says BO.parentBO.someattribute then aware has no clue that the table has been read.


#52693 by aware_support
Thu Jan 09, 2020 6:32 am
IMPORTANT: Please note that this only applies to "applicability conditions" - for operations, menu items, presentation rules etc.

This does NOT apply to standard business rules used in objects and processes. In standard rules using nested references is better than using a shortcut. Rather, you CAN use a shortcut if it is already defined (for example, it is needed by a query). But it is WRONG to define a shortcut just to use it in a standard business rule!

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