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#52588 by gijsvb
Thu Jan 02, 2020 2:09 pm

I have a query selecting some data from my system and I want to export the results to an CSV file. Running the query and using the panel operation 'Export to CSV' I can create a csv as I like to have it.

When I want to automate this and create a proces with the rule: EXPORT 'MyQuery' TO 'File.csv' a file is created, but this file only contains a header line with the attributenames of the attributes displayed in my query. The headerline in de file created by the 'Export to CSV' function contains the labelnames of my attributes (which I like better).

Shouldn't the 'EXPORT' action create the same result as the 'Export to CSV' option? Or am I misreading the manual???


Gijs van Ballegooijen.

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