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#52514 by chris29
Sun Dec 22, 2019 9:04 pm

Using 8.4 Build 2712 and have noticed that not all of the Font Awesome Free icons are available.

Have checked aware.css and looks ok

/* Kendo 2017 can override Font Awesome - add !important to make sure it doesn't happen */
.fa, .fas, .far, .fal, .fad {
font-family: 'Font Awesome 5 Free' !important;

Anyone have any ideas why?

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#52610 by chris29
Mon Jan 06, 2020 12:28 am

Refer to https://fontawesome.com/how-to-use/on-the-web/setup/upgrading-from-version-4

You need to either add to the Statup.html or copy to /Custom/CSS 4-shims.css for the V4 icons to work.

Change to Startup.html

Add <link href="fontawesome-free-5.6.3-web/css/4-shims.min.css" rel="stylesheet">


Copy C:\AwareIM\Tomcat\webapps\AwareIM\fontawesome-free-5.6.3-web\css\ to C:\AwareIM\Tomcat\webapps\AwareIM\Custom\CSS

Note The the Regular Icons are no longer included in the Free version they have been changed to Solid icons.

There was no indication from support if the icon selection in the ConfigTool would be updated at this stage.

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