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#52456 by ddumas
Wed Dec 18, 2019 4:34 pm
I see a couple issues with selecting timezones

The default selection (for me it is Eastern Daylight) does not get saved when you have not yet assigned a timezone, and then save the form. You have to scroll down in the list and re-pick it from the list, and then it saves.

Also, what gets displayed in timezones does get saved to the database with the same string that is displayed in the timezone dropdown. For example when I pick Mountain Daylight time, it gets saved as America/Boise in the database. If in a process, I FIND that member (intelligent BO), and I want to use their timezone, it comes out as America/Boise, naturally as that was what was saved to the database. So, it seems there is some mapping going on behind the scenes between the UI and the database.

Is there as way to save what is displayed in the dropdown what is displayed in the list?


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