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#53697 by joben
Wed Apr 08, 2020 7:08 am
I have a URL that looks like this:
Code: Select allhttps://example.org/AwareIM/logonOp.aw?domain=Acme&firstCommand=startProcessWithInit,TfnTest,main,TempTfn&Tfn=555555555

I want the process TfnTest to execute, and use the BO TempTfn with the Attribute value of Tfn as init parameters. In this scenario, the attribute value is a phone number.

This URL works as intended as long as you also pass the userName and password parameters in the URL, otherwise you just end up at the login screen and have to login for the process to execute. This behaviour is unwanted as long as there is an active session. I decided to change the URL to this:
Code: Select allhttps://example.org/AwareIM/logonOp.aw?domain=Acme&dynamic=true&firstCommand=startProcessWithInit,TfnTest,main,TempTfn&Tfn=555555555

If I include the dynamic=true parameter in the URL, I get this error message:

Attribute dynamic was not found in business object TempTfn

It seems like dynamic is interpreted the wrong way. How do I use startProcessWithInit without having to login manually if there is an active session?
#53699 by Jaymer
Wed Apr 08, 2020 3:20 pm
that IS odd, but an image of the Tomcat Output showing the login info would be helpful

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