Aware IM Products

For developers - who build web applications for their customers and either host them on their own servers or distribute them for deployment on the customer hardware.

For corporate users - who create applications for use in their own organization.

Aware IM for developers

Aware IM Developer Edition is ideally suited for application developers. It is priced at US $1,599.00 and offers the following key benefits:

  • Allows building and running multiple Aware IM applications.
  • Unlimited number of end users at no extra cost when you host web applications for your customers.
  • Ability to replace Aware IM logo everywhere in the application with your own.

Application hosting for your customers

To host applications for your customers you can install the Developer Edition either on your own Internet-accessible computer, or on a remote computer maintained by an Internet hosting provider. In either case, you do not need to pay any additional license fees for the users of your hosted applications.

Distributing applications to your customers

The Aware IM Developer Edition allows you to package your application with the runtime version of Aware IM for easy installation on your customers' hardware. There are additional license fees for Aware IM runtime and for the users in the customer organization.

Details on Aware IM runtime and license fees are available here.

Other things you need to know

Aware IM Developer Edition covers up to 10 developers. If you have more developers you will need additional licenses. Prices for additional licenses are available here.

Although it is also possible to build applications using the Aware IM Professional Edition, the Developer Edition has major advantage as it allows you to replace Aware IM logo with your own and add user-defined functionality to your applications. See the product comparison page for more details.

Aware IM for corporate use

Aware IM is an enterprise-grade application platform, so it is well suited for corporate environments. Aware IM allows you to create and run multiple applications on your intranet and/or the Internet.

To use Aware IM in your organization you will need an Aware IM license and a user license for each user in your organization that will be creating and/or using Aware IM applications. Certain number of user licenses is included with various Aware IM Editions as can be seen here. Additional user licenses can be purchased separately as needed. The prices for additional user licenses are available here.

Note that you do not need user licenses for people outside of your organizations, such as customers or partners that use Aware IM applications maintained by your organization.